Diski Nine9 Africa is a registered non-profit company based in Soweto, South Africa. Diski Nine9 was formed in 2015 and our objective is to use sports, notably soccer and netball as a tool to educate and empower young Africans. “Diski” is a slang term used in South Africa to describe the biggest and most loved sport around the world  Soccer. “Nine9” is a slang term meaning Authentic or Real.

Why Sports?

By participating in sports activities in general, children’s social skills are likely to come alive as it is a fantastic facilitator to promote social interaction, cooperation, teamwork and friendship. Research has also shown how sports can improve problem solving skills, build self-discipline, respect for authority and team-mates, trust, leadership and coping skills. Confidence is a huge factor for children and participation in sports will only assist the development of character. Children with enhanced self-esteem will inevitably be more comfortable in their own skin and therefore be well placed to proceed well in their early school and social lives.

What we do?

In response to social ills that have negative effects on underprivileged communities, Co-founders, Raymond Ledwaba and Phehello Monamodi established Diski Nine9 as a way to change the narrative by providing youths from Soweto with a platform to play sports in a safe place and realize their talents to become better professionals, leaders and role models in their communities. The following are the Programmes we use to counteract these social ills.


Sports and Recreation

- Winter Holiday Programme
- Netball League and Tournaments
- Soccer Tournaments
- E-Sports Tournament

Psychosocial Support

- Gender Based Violence Workshops and Dialogues
- Mental Healthcare and Trauma Counselling
- School Shoes & Uniform Support

Educational Support

- After School Support Programme
- Life Skills Training
- GBV Digital Learning Platform (The Manhood Simplified Podcast)

Socioeconomic Development

- Sports Hospitality Programme
- School Sports Coaches’ Employment Programme

Our Objectives

Safe Space

Create a safe environment that fosters friendships, encourages play, and nurtures young talent..

Skills Development

Provide educational & scholarship opportunities for youths.


Provide employment opportunities to youths across the sports value chain.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to identify and nurture the next generation of responsible, healthy, and empowered citizens who will contribute positively to building their communities. Our Mission is to use sports as a tool to engage, educate and empower children, youths, and their communities toward the development of a brighter future.


Quality Education

Diski Nine9 has over the years provided numerous training and academic assistance to the youth and adults within our programs. The aim is to increase the number of relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Diski Nine9 prides itself in promoting development-oriented programs that upskill its members and support decent job creation and entrepreneurship in an effort to contribute toward economic growth and reduce the number of youth unemployment in South Africa.

Good Health

The health and well-being of our participants are of high importance, and as such, Diski Nine9 hosts different sports-related events to keep the youth and their caregivers away from adverse behavior and advocate for healthy lifestyles.

Gender Inequality

Diski Nine9 is in a course to fight the spread of all forms of violence against women and children through our Gender-Based Violence awareness programs.

See us in action 

SAICA interviews Raymond Ledwaba CA(SA) Co-founder and CEO of Diski Nine9


Diski Nine9 is a non-profit organization based in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 2015, it is dedicated to the development of African youth through sports.


“Well, where can I start? First and fore most I would really like to say thank you to the team of Diski Nine9. I joined this organization in 2019 with my former team called LS Starts Netball club. The amount of hard work that Diski Nine9 has put in is amazing. Diski Nine9 helps us as coaches to by providing life-skills training through workshops that cover GBV, basic coaching skills and other important topics that are beneficial to us. They truly are selfless in course of changing lives of our children and youths.

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Lucille Sickles

Coach of Saint Lionesses Netball Team

“Diski Nine9 has not only allowed my players to showcase their talents in sports but it has also improved their social and psychological well-being. It has encouraged them to participate in the organization that rewards in whatever they engage in. This as a coach has made me proud because many teenagers go through unwanted pregnancies and substance abuse. This organization is beneficial because I believe that one day, we are going to produce future sports men and women coming from our communities.”

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Mduduzi Radebe

Spectaculars Netball Team

“Diski Nine9 is a very innovative organization that helps out a lot in teaching about current social issues. I was introduced to the organization through a netball team and ever since the assistance I've received was amazing. I've learnt a lot from their GBV camps and workshops and was able to assist people in my community who face Gender Based Violence on a daily basis. Their team is amazing as they know how to work well with people and offer assistance I.e., counselling services when needed. I've had a great experience with the organization and still want to experience more. I really appreciate what they done for me individually”

Mighty Blues Netball Academy

Maureen Dimakatso Mahlatsi

Skeltors Netball Team

“There is a lot that I can say about this organization but I will be brief. I knew the organization from the year 2018 when they were hosting their first netball tournament at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus. It was a good experience for me and my team because we didn’t know how big or small the challenge was for us but we managed to raise the bar and won the tournament. The tournament was well organized and the event also infused an education component which made it stand out. Our team is currently playing under the Diski Nine9 Netball league and I am very happy to be part of this organization.”

Mighty Blues Netball Academy

Tebogo Morabe

Mighty Blues Netball Academy

“Since I have joined Diski Nine9, my life has changed in many ways. The organization has taught me to think like a leader and helped me believe that I am a leader of my life. I learnt so much from the team and the workshops. Today I can present in front of people and educate them about things happening in our communities. I didn’t know much about GBV but through the work of Diski Nine9, I’ve gained so much knowledge.”

Precious Managa

Diski Nine9 Volunteer

“Since joining Diski Nine9, I’ve grown psychologically, professionally and on a personal basis. I’ve learnt a lot of about myself and my surroundings. Diski Nine 9 has not only provided an opportunity to have a second family but has given me a table to lay my ideas and become express them freely.”

Lindiwe Colossa

Diski Nine9 Volunteer

“I would like to say that Diski Nine9 has made a huge impact in my life. With the workshops that we have attended, I’ve learned so much and I always say what we did on television and thought I wouldn’t be part of the solution. Furthermore, the organization has given me the opportunity to gain much-needed work experience through their Sports Hospitality Program. I am forever grateful and I wish Diski Nine9 can continue assisting other youths who think less of themselves.”

~ Sibahle Sosibo ~
Diski Nine9 Volunteer

Impact at a Glance


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