Sports And Recreation

Winter Holiday Programme

The flagship of the organisation and the reason why Diski Nine9 was initially established. The School and Sports Holiday Programme focuses on primary and high school learners between the ages of 10-18 years. These learners receive life-skills education on leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution and team work, while their coaches receive entrepreneurship and coaching skills before participating in a competitive soccer and netball tournament during the 8-10 days of the programme.

Winter Holidays School Programme
Netball League
Netball League and Tournaments

The Greater Protea Netball League is a new initiative established by Diski Nine9 to level out the playing field by affording girls an opportunity to participate in a structured long-term tournament that keeps them busy and off the streets to reduce adverse events behavior in the community. Established in 2020, the league commenced with four divisions, U13, U16, U19, and Open. The league runs for 8 months from March to October annually and includes tournaments during the season.

Soccer Tournaments

Diski Nine9 has been organizing structured soccer tournaments for boys from U13, U15, to U17 from inception and has, over the years, featured some of the players that are currently playing in the Multichoice Diski Challenge, The Glad Africa League, and the South African Premier League.

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eSport Tournament
E-Sports Tournament

The disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic brought the entire physical sporting codes to a total standstill. This exacerbated the use of video games and use of Information Technology. Diski Nine9 ran a first-ever e-sports FIFA soccer tournament for 32 young boys over a day hosted at Tholimfundo Primary School in Soweto. The tournament saw most of the youths excited to challenge each other in a different playing field that tested their knowledge and expertise in video games. Four gamers walked away with bags filled with stationery with the winner of the tournament choosing the bag of his choice.

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